Requirements of bar codes

By signing the Agreement with EPP, the Packaging Company agrees to ensure the compliance of the EAN or barcode on the package with the specifications and standards established by MTÜ GS1 Estonia.

The objective of the non-profit association GS1 Estonia is to enable the issue of barcodes complying with the requirements of the international GS1 organisation (GS1 aisbl).

The main activities of MTÜ GS1 Estonia are:

  • issue of barcodes (EANs) to legal and natural persons registered in Estonia;
  • maintenance of the GS1 product register;
  • advising and training in barcodes;
  • introduction of the international GS1 system and its standards, offering better business solutions;
  • improvement of the supply chain management by reducing costs and/or adding value to both products and services.

Reverse vending machines (RVM) read the EAN on the package and compare it to the shape of the package. A standard EAN is the basis for the smooth return of packaging via RVMs.