Registering packaging

Information about packages must be sent to the EPP’s register every time if:

  • A registered package is deleted from the register of packages (taken out of production or sales)
  • The bar code of a registered package changes
  • The shape of a registered package changes
  • A new package is registered
  1. For every product to be registered, an application shall be submitted via the online environment.
  2. Three physical packaging samples for every product shall be brought to the EPP office at Visase 18, Tallinn. Testing takes place once a week. Samples that have arrived by 2 PM on Wednesday will be included in the test of the current week. Samples that arrive later will be tested next week.
  3. The results of the test will be sent on Friday by email.

Packaging company shall be notified of the date the marketing authorization will come into force by email. You can find test results in e-environment as well. If the packaging and the bar code meet the requirements, the packaging shall be in the register by Thursday next week.

If the packaging or the bar code does not pass testing please contact Packaging Company Service Manager in case you need detailed explanation why package did not pass the testing. If package bar code does not meet the standards, it must be covered with a sticker or etiquet must be redone. Stickers can be ordered via EPP (please contact Packaging Company Service manager). 

If package does not have a EPP´s sign on the etiquet or sticker during testing, it is mandatory to order EPP´s sign with special security features from EPP (please contact Packaging Company Service manager). 

If, prior to registering the optional packaging (syrups or sting alcohol beverages), you have a reason to believe that the packaging may be too flat, unsymmetrical or long for an RVM, then please send the photos of the packaging to our e-mail address We will do our best to assess, based on the photos, whether such a packaging can be registered in the Deposit System or not. If the photos are insufficient for providing such evaluation, we will ask you to send a sample of the packaging. If the packaging is suitable for the system, you may then start the registration process.