The accessories provided by the EPP are as follows:

  • Large collection bag (910 x 1,500 mm) for metal and plastic packagings (in separate bags);
  • NB! Refillable packagings (emblem “K KORDUSKASUTATAV”) must be returned to the producers according to their requirements;
  • Closure – means for closing a filled collection bag; a sticker must be put on the closure;
  • Sticker, bearing the data of the customer and the customer code and a unique serial number;
  • Holder, i.e. a frame for attaching the large collection bags. If necessary, the retailer can get a holder from the EPP under a contract of use.

The EPP issues a customer code and a suitable starter package to each retailer. The starter package usually includes the following:

  • 25 large transparent collection bags bearing the symbol of the EPP;
  • 25 closures;
  • 25 stickers bearing the data of the collection station (customer code, undertaking’s name, etc.);
  • Information plaque in Estonian and/or Russian language.

EPP has the right to change the quantities according to what the customer needs.

The EPP accessories belong to the EPP and are intended for purposeful use only, i.e. for collection of deposit-subjected packagings. It is strictly prohibited to use the accessories for any other purposes.

The EPP monitors the customer balances of accessories via a real-time accounting system. This means that in case non-purposeful use or loss of accessories the EPP has the right to ask for a charge when replacement accessories are ordered.